Consumer Electronic

Consumer Electronic
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Prototek has professional engineers and technicians can help you launch the projects,setup efficient and reliable manufacturing process to help you reduce time-to-market, win the market.

Common Consumer Electronic Applications

Prototek produces a broad range of components and assemblies for the Electronics Industry,often utilizing Plastic Injection, CNC machining and Forging process. The product include:
  • Precision Components
  • Equipments housing
  • Connecter
  • Axis parts
  • Armatures
  • Profiled

Industries that use CNC

CNC Machining is crucial in many industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, industrial machinery, medical, robotics, and R&D. These machines are also vital to other manufacturing processes. For example, the molds required for Injection Molding are CNC machined to ensure the precision of both the mold and the plastic part it makes.

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