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Prototek has unparalleled experience in addressing the challenges of the construction industry. Our hardware, software and services solutions are helping companies develop lighter weight parts to drive down manufacturing costs, design and produce innovative assemblies that reduce part counts and provide greater strength and efficiency.

Common Construction Applications

Prototek is committed to providing excellents products and services in Construction lndustries.With experienced engineers and strict inspection procedure, that allow us to become the biggest and steadiest supplier for our customers.This is the products we could provide:
  • Track Spike
  • Fish plate
  • Special-shaped screw
  • Customized Fasteners
  • Tool & Product Design with 3D CAD
  • Fishtail bolt
  • Pump Valve parts

Industries that use CNC

CNC Machining is crucial in many industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, industrial machinery, medical, robotics, and R&D. These machines are also vital to other manufacturing processes. For example, the molds required for Injection Molding are CNC machined to ensure the precision of both the mold and the plastic part it makes.

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